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Everything You Need to Know About Dark Academia and How to Achieve the Look in Your Home

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Academia and How to Achieve the Look in Your Home

Do you romanticize libraries, literature, mysteries, and gothic style? If so, you probably are part of the dark academia aesthetic subculture that has been booming in popularity since last year. In contrast to other aesthetics like the ‘clean girl,’ dark academia draws its inspiration from classic literature, cathedrals, magic, and gothic influences, holding tight to some of the most historic pillars of art and architecture. The subculture incorporates influences that reference and idealize knowledge, reading, literature, and more. Wool blazers, antique and rare books, dimly lit interiors, and Harry Potter-like cathedrals, churches, and buildings are the hallmark of any dark academia aesthetic.

For those looking to incorporate dark academia into your interior design—but like the rest of us, you don’t live in a gothic cathedral, Oxford University library, or Harvard classroom—we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will outline why this trend is here to stay and all the tips you need to achieve this look in your space while adding a modern touch to make your home unique.

Photo credit: Jez Timms

Dark academia isn’t just a trend

Trends come and go; we all know that—it’s in the name. But with dark academia, there’s more to it than just 15 minutes of fame. This aesthetic is built to stand the test of time and already has.

First, the aesthetic is not based on shopping for the next new item but instead is based on antiques, history, and valuing the greatest artistic achievements of the past. This means it is not susceptible to the typical fast-paced trend cycle that causes something to expire when the next new phenomenon comes around.

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Second, it is built to last because it already has. The architectural and artistic styles that dark academia draws from have remained relevant and valued in our society for hundreds of years. Think of some of the main cornerstones of dark academia and how they’ve already stood the test of time: Jane Austen, Oxford University, Edgar Allen Poe, and classical musicians like Mozart. Each of these points of inspiration has managed to remain influential and in style for hundreds of years already—they have proven themselves to be above the pressures of a trend cycle.

Photo credit: Rita Chou

How to transform your space into a dark academia haven

So, you love this look and these cultural pillars but don’t know where to start to create this mysterious, dark, and cozy atmosphere in your home? If you want to create a dark academia look, you will have to source décor with an edge to achieve the right effect and make your home a throwback to gothic culture, while bringing in a modern touch to breathe life into the aesthetic. You don’t have to live in a historical landmark to master dark academia; you just need to incorporate the right colors, textures, and motifs by curating interesting pieces that enhance the drama in your space. Here’s how

The dark academia color palette

When you think of colors to set the tone, picture a library wall of old books and a set of school uniforms.

  • Stick with burgundy, black, dark grey, navy blue, and deep browns.
  • To add in lighter color accents, incorporate beiges and khaki colors but avoid pure whites that will throw your look off balance.

We recommend using these colors across the board, in your paint color, throw pillows, accent furniture, and more. Our Dhalia Premium Throw Pillow or Dark Mums Pillow will incorporate this color scheme and bring in that vintage feel, as they look like early photographic depictions of flowers in their black and white and dark blue tones. The photographs on the pillows can add a modern edge to the dark academia look, bringing nuance and a timeless style

Photo credit: Thomas Kelley

Textures to set the tone

Incorporating textures from the natural and ancient world is vital to mastering the dark academia aesthetic, including items like feathers, dark plants (flowers and vines), crystals, rocks, and more.

Photography-driven décor is one of the best ways to set your space in a gothic period and to incorporate depictions of these textures. Turn your bedroom into a sultry lair by bringing these textures into your duvet covers and pillow shams. We especially recommend our Mums in Moonlight duvet cover, which is perfect to set the dark, whimsical, and mysterious tone using black and white décor. Mix up your dark academia style by adding this dynamic, modern duvet to freshen up the tone

Photo credit: Annie Spratt


When choosing your accent furniture and dark décor, think of items that would be written about in a poem by Edgar Allen Poe and feature skulls, birds, books, tinctures, glass bottles, roses, candles, old lamps, maps, stationery, and more in your interior design.

Our Muertos Skull Sherpa Blanket or Throw Blanket brings in the mystical elements of the dead, the afterlife, the past, and sacred rituals to make the space distinct, while keeping a modern interpretation and flair. Mix it with our black and white Roses in Rain area rug, and you can set the scene for a dark, gothic, castle fairy tale set in the 21st century.

Photo credit: Sergey Sokolov

Putting it all together

You can master the dark academia look in any living space with an accent wall plus additional accent furniture and decorations. Focus on incorporating natural motifs, black and white décor, and photography-driven designs to set the tone. Explore our catalog at Bedroom Logict to help build your dream dark academia space and enhance your décor with a modern edge that is both beautiful and timeless.

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