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Black Décor is Making a Comeback in Interior Design

Black Décor is Making a Comeback in Interior Design

Interior designers and enthusiasts have been obsessed with an all-white aesthetic for years. This was made even more popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who have flaunted their all- white homes in architecture and design interviews. But white furniture and styling have become known as a safe choice and lack the creativity and excitement that interior design can provide when other elements are allowed in. 

Today, in a 180-degree shift, black décor is rising in popularity among interior designers.

Typically, black has been frowned upon as a color in the home as it was thought to absorb light, make spaces smaller, or give off negative energy. However, when used correctly, black interior design elements can bring a space to life and make it truly unique. Black can incorporate simplicity, elegance, and drama into your interior design style. 

In this article, we will cover why dark elements are a classic, where the design choice originated, and how to use the dark color to style your home.

Creating drama: Chiaroscuro and the magic of contrast

Chiaroscuro is a technique used in visual arts to contrast light and dark in order to bring a subject to life in a three-dimensional way. The technique is thought to originate in the Renaissance, around the late 1400s, with artists like Leonardo da Vinci painting works such as the “Adoration of the Magi.” After that point, the term referred to works that used extreme lighting contrast in their visual depictions.

Baroque artists in the 1600s, including Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Rubens, and Velázquez, used this technique heavily in their work to create drama in the scenes they painted. The impact of these artists showed us the powerful visual effect that black can have in any visual composition— including interior design. By playing with lights and darks, a space can become multi-dimensional, and designers can play with focal points to draw people’s attention to specific areas or moments in the design.

The longstanding use of black color schemes makes black a classic in any design decision. But how do you translate these historical applications and give them a modern twist in your home?

How to style black elements in your décor

If done well, you can use black décor to create drama and focal points within your space that add dimension and intrigue. By styling black into your interior, you will demonstrate a boldness, confidence, and creativity that far too many interior designers shy away from in their work. 

Bring in black elements through the art in your space

Not every black item needs to be a solid piece of furniture. The art you use in your space will set the tone. Bringing that visual sense across your decorations and accessories is an excellent way to integrate black into your style. Use pillows and wall art with imagery to twist a theme of darkness into your space. We recommend our Aristotle Throw Pillow or Om Premium Throw Pillow, which bring that classic artistic and sculptural feel with a modern touch.

Incorporate photographs creatively

Black and white photography can be a classy and contemporary way to draw on the long history of art while keeping the look elegant, simple, and clean. Use image-driven throws and comforters to bring these pictures into your space and add dark accents throughout. Include our Namaste Comforter or Om Blanket in your styling to achieve this effect. Even in a lighter-colored room, these dark accents can set a new tone.

Contrast with white elements

Black is a statement color, so use it in contrast with lighter or white elements to incorporate highlights and negative space to keep your rooms feeling large and bright. The black additions will add a feel of glamour and sophistication while also showing that your style is daring and confident. Our Mums Area Rug has bold contrasts of dark and light to give your space this crisp and fearless look.

Conclusion: Make the space feel snug and cozy

What matters most is that your space feels comfortable, livable, and welcoming. Even though black décor has earned a reputation for making spaces look dark and dingy, styling black elements the right way and using accessories to add a contemporary touch will allow you to achieve sleek sophistication. Mix textures, add moments of softness and fuzziness, and work with accent pieces to achieve the best black décor outcome.

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